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Online scripts

Nametag creator -- Generates colored signature text, paste result after each post. (there are macro programs such as keytext available to avoid having to c/p each time)

Online/Offline -- Displays an image showing your online status on the IGN boards.

MU Script -- Collect user post/WUL counts, and keep track of stats. Very helpful for creating MU's, and has markup abilities.

Preview function -- javascript preview of board code, spaces included. Only in dev-style, tested to work in IE, Firefox, and Safari.

Icon Anonymizer -- Use this if your icons can't be remotely linked (if they come up with a red X when you try to post them). It has a 10k limit, ICONS ONLY!

Icon Tester -- Test your icons in the board area on-the-fly with custom settings.

Bookmark scripts

Binary to ASCII: Translate binary code to normal ascii on the boards (highlights converted text). Only known to work in IE, Firefox, and Safari. Let me know if any other browsers support it.

Standalone binary converter: Prompts for binary code to be replaced, and alerts the output.

ASCII to binary: Translate text to binary code. Prompts for text, then displays binary result in new window.

Change page: Backward//Forward. Quick links to get to the next page/item (works for all url's with numerics, not just on IGN).

WUL tracker: Click the script link once the user friends page has loaded to view the update for who's added you, and who's dropped you from their WUL.

Linkify: Turn posted URL's into links. For those of you too lazy to copy/paste. (tested to work in safari, mozilla/firefox, and Internet Explorer)

FIX ANNOYING CAPS: Use this to tone down CAPS in posts into capitalized, normal text. (Note: somewhat buggy... but mostly decent; better than AOL-er)

QuickNote: Quick stick-it for taking personal notes for a website.

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